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Conscious DJ Training with Sangeet and Dieter Sörgel


for therapists and Workshop leaders, from 29th August
till 2nd September 2018

In BioRezydencia, 59-850 Swieradow zdroj Poland
This is the sixth time I am giving this unique process. It was created especially for professional people like coaches, music and dance teachers, therapists and healers, that need to use music to move, inspire and motivate their clients and participants. It is also for DJ's that are interested in expanding their vision, potential and way of working with people. 
We will be using Native Instruments Traktor Pro programme for this workshop which I have been using for about 15 years. In my experience there is no other programme that has so many different exciting tools and possibilities. 
Participants need to bring a laptop with a minimum capacity of 60GB, headphones, Traktor Pro programme and either Native Instruments Audio 2 or Audio 4 DJ-sound-interface. We will gladly install and setup Traktor Pro for you, if you have any difficulties. If you have a portable music system that fits into your luggage, please bring that, too.
It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an absolute beginner with no knowledge of music or computers, we will be working with each person individually and therefore the workshop is limited to 21 participants. We will be sharing playlists, music, mixes and be giving you files, videos and other things so that you can keep on learning and practicing afterwards. 
We will be teaching on different levels like: 
how to organise music into simple, easy to use playlists
teaching You all You need to know about Traktor Pro 
basic mixing techniques, looping, 
understanding different rhythms 
the importance of BPM's
basic music re-mixing 
how to record what you need for future use 
The incredible healing power of the Solfeggio frequencies 
and many other things which are very important for your way of working and presentation.
We will also be teaching the healing power and fascinating language of the emotions and energy in rhythm, melody and music, how to create different kind of atmospheres and hold space with music and how vitally important this all is for any kind of person working with people in the field of growth, coaching, human potential and personal development. 
We are limiting the amount of participants so that we can coach each person individually and respond to their particular needs, so we strongly recommend you register soon as possible. 
The cost of the Training is: 700,-€,
(without board and lodging)
Information: Tomasz Szymocha
Tel: 0048 504 173 833
Venu: Biorezydencja, Główna 13, 59-850 Swieradow zdroj, Poland.
Board and lodging with 3 divine vegetarian meals is only 36 Euros a day.