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Returning to the wisdom of the Heart -

In my experience, most mental or physical illness starts in the heart, it's actually quite logical: we came into this life with our hearts being included in everything we are, experience, say and do as a natural way of being, but the “feeling heart” is incredibly, sensitive and as fragile as the wings of a Butterfly and for most of us to be able to survive, we had to quickly learn that there is no place for us like this in this material, head orientated world. So we put our hearts in a cocoon and safely moved our focus into the head. This experience of not being accepted as we are, causes much pain, after all; we were just naturally and simply being ourselves.

To travel back to the feeling heart and again include it in our normal lives, needs courage and the willingness to pass through the doors of fear and pain of not being accepted and this can sometimes feel like death or passing through a fire and it's often a little easier if we are helped and supported by others that have had similar experiences, but if we really wish to heal ourselves and the World, we cannot avoid making that journey and the voice of the heart has to have a place and be heard and felt because it has a different, wider, more inclusive way of relating and seeing than the head and it is essential that they learn to co-exist and work together.

From my own journey, I know that to start listening to, including and following our hearts needs a safe, secure environment where we have the possibility to explore and experiment in our own way and tempo and takes time and practice because some of us have forgotten how to feel, while others cannot imagine integrating feelings into our normal, everyday lives, but with loving support, a little courage and patience, it is completely possible and when that starts to happen, life becomes more exciting, we become more healthy and balanced and our lives begin to heal and radically change.
For this Five part journey, we will be using the 5 Rhythms as the basis and also other tools and maps like chakra / body work, meditation, trauma therapy, coaching and emotional counseling and I will have five very experienced assistants.

Modul 1)    31.Januar – 4. Februar    
 Modul 2)    11. - 15. April
Modul 3)    30. Mai – 3. Juni  (mit Feiertag)
Modul 4)    4. – 8. Juli
Modul 5)    19. – 23. September
Modul 6)    31. Oktober – 4. November (mit Feiertag!)

Beginn: jeweils Mittwoch, 18 Uhr, Ende: Sonntag, 16 Uhr

Preis Gesamt (6 Module) 1.980 € (zzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung)
=> Frühbucher bei Anmeldung & Überweisung bis 30.11.2017  - 1.680 €

Info & Anmeldung:
Rani  - Tel.: 0179 988 988 0

Info zum Seminarort: 

(nähe Würzburg
- ein wundervoller Platz mit genialem vegetarischem Essen  - und einfach nur zum Wohlfühlen!)